The Supra Boats SC offers pro-level pulls in a popular size class. At just over 21.5 feet, the SC represents the high performance, bold designs, refined interiors and precision engineering of Supra boats in a right-size v-bow package. A traditional v-shaped bow boat with a style that is anything but, the 2015 SC400, SC450 and SC550 from Supra Boats are making waves. The shape and size of SC wakes will level-up your wakeboarding with Supra’s performance hull design, 900 pounds of hard tank sub structural floor Liquid Lead ballast, a 2,000-pound Flex Ballast System and the versatile SmartPlate. The SC cranks huge walls of water for launching off both sides and calms the water with a SmartPlate adjustment at skiing speeds, but its true calling lies with the curl. Huge pushy waves, no bow rise, superior handling even when weighted, increased interior depth and the optional Supra Swell Surf System make the SC a curl carver's dream even in the 21.5-foot size class. With the Supra Swell Surf System distinct custom shaped waves form on either side with a 1.8 second transfer controlled through the VISION Touch. Beyond the performance, one look at its menacing style and intricately plush interior and you'll realize the SC is a luxury muscle car on the water. The SC offers deep comfort with a muscle car presence matched by a strong ride, pro wakes and ocean-esque waves.

2015 Supra Boats SC400, SC450 and SC550: Popular Size Pro Pulls from Supra Boats on Vimeo.

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SC400-550 Specs:

Overall Length w/o Platform: 21' 8"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 23' 8"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 26' 4"
Width (Beam): 102"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 106"
Draft: 26"
Weight - Boat only: 4,300 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,600 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 14
Capacity - Weight: 2,200 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 49 gals
Capacity - Ballast (standard): 900 lbs (tanks)
2,000 lbs (flex)
Engine - Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar: 400 6.2L-SC400
440 6.2L-SC450
575 Roush-SC550
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Ford Raptor Engine by Indmar