The SA350, SA450 and SA550 combine shocking wakes, precise handling and an awesome interior. Supra Ride System (SRS) components like 900 pounds of hard tank sub structural floor Liquid Lead ballast, a loaded Roswell Pro Edge Tower, Zero Off GPS speed control, the wake-refining SmartPlate, VISION Touch Rider Profiles and 1,300-pounds of available Flex ballast will wake-up your dreams of going pro. The SA attacks the water with 350-550 horses of Indmar power, depending on your engine choice. Hull design optimized for wakes and handing as well as through-bolted Dorsal Tracking Fins and a Precision Rudder drive the Supra performance home in this 22.5 foot competitor.

The SA has gone soft, but durable on the inside with the abrasion resistant stain protected SUPRASKIN® vinyl from Spradling. This interior joins brilliant new vinyl colors and textures with GORE® TENARA® Thread for seating as luxurious as it is resilient. Snap-out carpet covers the SA's fiberglass floor for a quiet convenient base to a plush interior. The look is even hotter for the SA350-550 in 2014 with stylish new metal flake gel coat colors and Pro Edge tower Contrast color options. A refined windshield finishes the sleek profile of the SA and elevates the elegance level to the beautiful Barrage Front End and the purposeful Battle Prep Transom. The Supra SA is sending the sparks of shock awe flying for 2014.

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SA350-550 Specs:

Overall Length w/o Platform: 22' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform: 24' 6"
Overall Length w/ Platform & Trailer: 27' 2"
Width (Beam): 100"
Overall Width w/ Trailer: 102"
Draft: 26"
Weight - Boat only: 4,300 lbs
Weight - Boat and Trailer: 5,600 lbs
Capacity - Passenger: 13
Capacity - Weight: 1,900 lbs
Capacity - Fuel: 50 gals
Capacity - Ballast: 900 lbs (S)
2,200 lbs (O)
available from factory
Engine - Electronic
Fuel Injection:
345 HP-SA350
450 HP-SA450
Standard and Optional Features